The M-Squad: Couples Fighting Together for a Love that Lasts Forever

Come out of isolation into support, accountability, and safe space so that you and the love of your life can experience a "Thriving Love that Lasts a Lifetime."


Can you relate?

Perhaps your relationship isn't terrible, but you feel there could be a stronger connection, a more enriching experience, and a mutually beneficial effort to grow in areas where your relationship is currently stagnant.

Maybe you are not comfortable going to couples therapy or counseling, or the thought of sharing challenges with a stranger doesn't presently sit well with you.

Or you may think it feels unnatural to share with friends, family, and church members since many of their relationships seem unrelatable to where the two of you are right now.

We KNOW that EVERY Relationship ALWAYS has room to GROW!

While everything isn't all bad one or both of you may find yourselves saying variations of the following:

"I don't know what she wants from me?"

"He just doesn't get it!"

"What am I not doing right?"

"How do we get to a better place?"

"I can't do THIS anymore!"

What do you do when your love life needs to regain it's spark? Where do you go to get re-ignited?

One thing time and experience has shown is that you cannot perform relational CPR on yourselves ... you need help realizing a thriving love that consistently grows stronger over time... a love that will last a lifetime.


The M-Squad

Couples Fighting Together for a Love that Lasts Forever

Finally you have SAFE SPACE to normalize the struggle & eliminate the perils of marital isolation

The M-Sqaud will help you

Get into community

Isolation is a death sentence! M-Squad is the antidote to feeling alone in your marriage.

prevent frustration

All misery comes from unmet expectation, through M-Squad you are your partner will learn what healthy and reasonable expectations look like.

create a Growth Plan

With a plan and a defined direction transform your marriage from a guessing game to a success strategy.

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gain Feedback skills

Learn and practice how to safely give and obtain valuable feedback that is strategic, constructive, and non-combative.

For you to effectively grow in love, you must have a safe space to discuss what is preventing your growth. This can only happen once you embrace the principles of honesty, collaboration, and accountability.

M-Squad Membership Includes:

community Access

Unite with like-minded couples every month to discuss the issues facing your unique relatioship. Here we bounce ideas off each other, support one another and renew our commitment to the work of marriage.

weekly support

M-Squad members have exclusive live and interactive access to the Grow in Love Show, Danny and Elary's weekly podcast. You will have a front row seat for interviews with guest relationship experts, couples who have overcome the most difficult struggles of marriage as well as Danny and Elary.

live coaching

As part of the weekly Grow in Love Show, M-Squad members can apply to work on their unique relationship challenges with BOTH Danny and Elary.

let's grow together App

All the essential tools you need to keep your relationship thriving almost on auto-pilot are included with this intuitive, easy to use app available on Android and Apple devices.

essential accountability

You know where good intentions alone are going to lead you. With the hard deadline of your weekly touchpoints and monthly meetings you are much more likely to develop the habits that will grow your marriage in meaningful and managable steps.

safe space

Fear and shame can stop anyone from getting the help they need and the willingness to change. Every member of the M-Squad commits to confidentiality and positivity. You can bring your greatest concerns with the assurance that you will be heard and understood.

free general admission to live events

We'll create a strategic plan that ensures that your aspirations are backed by a solid roadmap for implementation and success.

product discounts

A set of assessments to optimize your daily routine, improve your communication and collaboration skills, and identify and manage self-limiting beliefs.

For an extremely limited time, you can sign up to try the M-Squad today with no cost or obligation. Our next meeting is happening soon.


Danny Williams is an speaker, coach, and author of Marriage Assessment: 8 Keys to Relationship Health and Incalculable Wealth to help couples understand that giving up or staying unhappily stuck are not the only available options when faced with relational difficulty. The challenges of marriage prompted him to create what he calls a Transformational Relationship System which helps couples GROW IN LOVE by strategically doing what thier unique, one-of-a kind relationship needs to thrive. His ultimate mission is to help people grow in all the key areas of life to actively pursue the promise of LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY.

Elary Hall is passionate about helping families restore faith in love and do the important work through powerful one-on-one, couple, and group relationship coaching. After enduring significant personal and family challenges, she accepted the call to help others in the very areas in which she once struggled. Elary believes in the power of every human being on earth to create the life they choose by understanding and utilizing their thoughts, emotions, and power of action. She and her husband are the parents of four children, three of whom are teenagers. They make their home together in Dallas TX.


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